This fall, Univertical’s Jack Beck participated in the 2022 DANCINWITHROSELYNN Ruck. Rucking is a form of exercise, and the concept is simple: it’s walking or hiking a set distance while carrying a weight on your back. Jack started in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and rucked 46+ miles with a 45lb. Rucksack to the Brown County State Park. On December 15, 2016, Jack lost his 2-year-old niece to Leukemia.  Since then, he and his family have partnered with Riley Children’s Hospital and created “The Roselynn Sue Turi fund” to support pediatric cancer research.  Every year around her birthday, they get together and Ruck in her memory and raise money for Riley. This year with the help of friends, family, and co-workers, their team was able to raise $61,800.  Jack is proud to say that every penny raised, was donated to Riley and “The Roselynn Sue Turi fund” for pediatric cancer research.