Recently Univertical purchased a new Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer as part of a technology upgrade.  An ICP – MS is used to determine levels of certain elements contained in a sample. At Univertical we use the ICP – MS and two ICP – OES in the certification process of the products that we manufacture. The two OES are used for our Nickel and Copper products, while the MS, capable of measuring parts per trillion, is used to certify our Semi-Conductor grade materials.

To make room for the new purchase, Univertical had to decide what to do with the existing ICP – MS. The decision was made to donate it to Hillsdale College for use in their Chemistry Lab. In addition to regular lab use by the Chemistry staff, it will also be used by students in the Laureates program. Hillsdale College has a summer research program for students between their Junior and Senior years. The LAUREATES program lasts six weeks and offers a select few rising seniors a monetary grant to perform their own research. The program culminates with a completed research paper and a poster presentation at the annual Spring Research Symposium during Parents Weekend. You can find more information on the program here: