Specialty Copper

Oxygen Free Copper Rod

Univertical was established in 1938 in Detroit, MI as a manufacturer of copper anodes for the electroplating industry. In 1998, we modernized operations and built a new plant in Angola, IN. Most recently we commissioned Oxygen Free rod and bar operations in 2010.

Rod Bar capability
Designation: B187/B187M – 11

Registered to the current standard, ISO 9001:2008


Univertical manufactures copper rod backed with nearly 75 years of best-in-class manufacturing experience. We deliver your products to spec and on time


Univertical is known for high purity products for demanding applications

Sizes Available

  • Specializing in C101 OFHC
  • Available in coils or cut to length
  • Available in annealed and hard drawn
CastFine Grain
.5” (12.5mm).375” Min (10mm)
.512” (13mm)3” Max (76mm)
.63” (16mm)
.79” (20mm)
.87” (22mm)

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